The Yon-Ka Commitment

Since first established in 1954, Yon-Ka has been committed to providing the best products possible. The selection of primarily organic land and aquatic plants used in Yon-Ka skin care products are sustainably farmed using renewable resources.

Active and inactive ingredients are subject to the strictest international regulations. Products are manufactured according to GMP standards (good manufacturing practices) in a filtered air environment. The air used in production is up to 10 times more pure than the air at the North Pole. Products can be traced from their raw ingredients through delivery. One-third of the formulas produced require no preservatives thanks to the bactericidal properties of the essential oils they contain. When preservatives are required to ensure microbiological safety, they are chosen in compliance with international regulations.

Product safety tests are performed using alternative methods; products are never tested on animals.

Product effectiveness is objectively evaluated by several tests performed by independent, licensed clinical laboratories.

Product tolerance tests are monitored by dermatologists.

Treatment methods and techniques are created and tested in Yon-Ka laboratories, and are performed by licensed professionals who receive regular training in Yon-Ka products and methods.

Essential Oils

At first, Yon-Ka focused on the subtle aroma of plants: their essential oils, filled with solar energy.

They tested the numerous therapeutic, purifying, skin-healing and psychotropic properties on themselves and their friends. Their research led them to a major discovery: the Quintessence, a unique combination of 5 essential oils derived from the Mediterranean region, which would become the center point of their skincare range.

Plant and Fruit Extracts

But why stop at plant aromas when so many plants contain so many other active ingredients, known for thousands of years?

They expanded their research, combining essential oils and extracts of plants from the land and sea. New synergies took form. These ingredients were added to milks, creams and massage oils and tested by doctors, physical therapists and beauticians. This development proved successful: professionals were seduced and convinced by the effectiveness of rigorously dosed essential oils, the power of their balancing aromas, the results visible immediately after the treatments and the experience of their own customers.