Anti-Aging Facials

Stay Youthful & Glowing

Signs of aging are inevitable, but how you get older is your choice!

Your skin is a reflection of your overall emotional and physical health. My anti-aging facials for women and men revitalize and refresh your skin using all natural Yon-Ka skin care products.


Anti-Aging Facials

Are you ready to let me help you achieve flawless and timeless beauty?

Alpha Hydroxy Facial

A radiance-enhancing and resurfacing treatment. This magnificent fruit acid facial uses organically sourced AHA-BHA from natural fruits. This facial will improve skin roughness by restoring healthy cell renewal cycle.

75 Minutes

Excellence Code Facial

This is an exceptional Anti-Aging Facial for hormonally mature skin and age spots. It's a unique and effective solution for treating all signs of aging.

60 Minutes

Add on Microcurrent to boost collagen production, tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of lines, and increase circulation
90 Minutes

Microcurrent Ultimate Age Defying Facial

The ultimate in facial revitalization without surgery. This non-invasive Microcurrent Ultimate Age Defying Facial series is a complete and comprehensive service that targets fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity, and offers intense hydration. Maintenance services are recommended monthly for longevity of results. Packages Offered - Call Us for Details

60 Minutes

Babor HSR Lifting for Wrinkles & Lost Elasticity

For skin with wrinkles and lost elasticity, this treatment gives the skin a soother appearance, with firmer contours.
80 Minutes