About Dalini Anaman

Hi I’m Dalini. I’m a holistic esthetician (practicing since 1981!) and I’m here to help you find confidence in your own skin.

Skin is the soft boundary between your inner experience and the outer world. When you love your skin, your inner beauty shines through. If you’re unhappy with how your skin looks or feels, you’ll feel it on the inside, too.

I know! As a teenager I had horrible acne that shattered my confidence. My mother took me to get a facial because I didn’t want to take medication, I wanted to get to the root of the problem. I fell in love with the experience, and in the process, I fell into my lifelong career.

I enrolled in esthetician school right away and did everything in my power to heal my face. I changed my diet, exercise, used the right products, and as my skin healed, I healed, too. I believe that healthy skin isn’t just a result of the products you use – it’s the result of consistent deep self-care.

As your esthetician, my passion is to provide you an experience – not just for your skin, but for your whole being. We’ll work together to help you achieve a healthy outer glow, which leads to radiant inner confidence.

“There’s no bad skin, just the wrong skin care”

We know beauty is more than skin-deep. In addition to helping you Transform and illuminate the radiance of your own skin, I can also help you call forth your inner beauty, power and confidence. I offer support and education in making healthy lifestyle choices to support your skin-care goals, including nutrition and stress-reduction techniques. Even in my work as an esthetician, I’m influenced by my experience as a certified life coach, meditation teacher, and ordained spiritual clairvoyant minister.

Nurturing others has been my lifelong calling – as a young girl growing up in Thailand, my earliest memories are playing beautician with my siblings and massaging my mom’s friends! I’ve continued on this path my entire life, and I’m honored to share my healing gifts with you.

I’ll only use natural products on your skin, combined with the latest skin-care technologies when appropriate for your needs. I’ll listen deeply to your desires and warmly support you in achieving your skin-care and self-care goals!

Be confident in your own skin...

  • Amy Castagna
    I have been Dalini's client for more than 15 years, following her to her San Rafael location. I have my regular lash and brow tints but have also had Microcurrent stimulation for arthritic pain in my hand. I love the enthusiasm Dalini has for new techniques and learning. In my hectic life, the calming effect of a visit to her office is my special treat to myself.
    Amy Castagna
  • Kris R.
    I have been going to Dalini for many years now and she does an amazing job! After I leave my appointment I always feel refreshed and beautiful! I would highly recommend Dalini Skin Care.
    Kris R.
  • Rita Woodfin
    My skin looks amazing! I am 49 years old. I have been having monthly facials with Dalini for 15 years... I cannot tell you how many people have commented how amazing my skin looks. Youthful, glowing, radiant, healthy... Dalini is a wonderful esthetician and a beautiful person, inside and out. Make an appointment with her, you will be so glad you did!
    Rita Woodfin
  • David F.
    Dalini is amazing! I know a lot of guys don't get facials but my skin feels and looks great every time I see her. My wife also sees Dalini and always looks years younger when she comes home. The best!
    David F.
    San Rafael
  • Diana S.
    I look 10 years younger! And I'm only 27 years old. Dalini gave me a makeover without using makeup. Forget makeup! Getting a facial from Dalini is like pure magic. I got a deep pore cleansing, deep firming and lifting facial. Her prices are great and I know you'll all go back.
    Diana S.
  • Judy Allen
    I have been seeing Dalini for over 10 years now and every time my face and brows have looked great!! She is very professional and upbeat. I refer her to all my friends.
    Judy Allen
  • Joan Muller Carlson
    I have been getting facials from Dalini for over 16 years. The facials I get from her are spectacular for the face, healing for the soul and my entire being radiates. I feel that a facial from Dalini is truly a gift. I feel and look younger after emerging from her spa.
    Joan Muller Carlson
  • Dean B.
    I have found Dalini to provide the best facials of my life. She has an intuitive, experienced sense of what will work best for you as an individual. I had some major problems as I hit a certain age and through her treatments and products she was able to get my skin back on track. Her prices are very reasonable and the whole experience is top notch.
    Dean B.
    San Anselmo
  • Rita B.
    Make an appointment for a micro-current facial. You will not regret it. People will notice your youthful and luminous skin and they will comment. People think that I am years younger than I look. I have been receiving treatments with Dalini for over 12 years. By the end of the 1.5 hour treatment I am a new women. Relaxed, Refreshed and Radiant.
    Rita B.
  • Nick L.
    I started receiving facials about 5 years ago after my niece threatened never to speak to her uncle again if I didn't spend time with her at the spa. Well five years later I'm hooked and have to say that Dalini Skin Care provides the best facials. Professional, knowledgeable, relaxing and you walk out feeling and looking good.
    Nick L.
  • MM
    My experience of having a micro current facial was not only deeply nourishing to my skin, it was so relaxing that I found myself on a meditative journey of rejuvenation as well. Dalini's sensitivity to certain allergies and her presence to my needs was so much more than being an expert on skincare. This is a skin and "essence care" ritual that I will return to again and again to relieve stress and glow!