Why Buy from a Yon-Ka Authorized Retailer?

So you can be confident that the product you put on your skin is real, safe, and effective.

When we shop online, we often search for the lowest price on the product we want. If a product is normally between $40-$50 and we find a random online store (or eBay seller, or 3rd party/marketplace seller on Amazon, etc.) selling it for $20, we might get excited - that's less than half price after all.

How can these sellers have such low prices? If the product is real and purchased legally from the manufacturer or distributor, they can't.

How Does It Affect Your Health and Safety?

The truth is that a vast majority of health and beauty products sold at "too good to be true" prices are fake. Law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, and industry groups all list suspiciously low pricing as the biggest red flag of a fake product. Buying counterfeit health and beauty products can be extremely dangerous. They can copy the packaging, but not the formula. The contents do not match the ingredient list on the label. Counterfeit products can contain:

  • Bacteria and harmful microbes
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Animal feces
  • Prescription medications
  • Spoiled ingredients
  • Carcinogens
  • Other contaminants

Beauty products seized in raids by US Customs and Border Protection and the LAPD commonly contain lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, arsenic, animal feces, human urine, E-Coli, cyanide, and industrial solvents such as benzine and dichloromethane (paint stripper). The concentrations of these harmful ingredients can be over 100x what is considered acceptable to come in contact with - let alone put on or in your body. These ingredients can cause irritation, rashes, swelling, lesions, infections, minor to life-threatening allergic reactions, scarring, disfigurement, vision problems and blindness, cancer, and even death.

What about Amazon, Walmart, etc.? How can they sell that $40-$50 item for $38?

Huge retailers such as Amazon and Walmart (the companies themselves, not 3rd party/marketplace sellers) can shave a few more dollars off the price than a smaller seller. They can do that because they will sell many times more units than anyone else, thus recovering profit on the high volume sold. Also, their size gives them buying power that enables them to negotiate a lower wholesale cost or a discount for purchasing large quantities.

What they can't do is provide any expertise on the products. They can't help you find the right formula or product combinations for your skin type or issues, or talk to you about ingredients.

Support Small Business!

It's great for the economy. Even if you don't buy from us, please choose an authorized retailer for your health and safety.

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