Waxing, Hair Removal, and Tinting

Smooth & Supple

My waxing treatments are easy on your skin!

Waxing is a very effective form of hair removal. During waxing, unwanted hair is removed by the root, and new hair usually doesn’t grow in its place for four to six weeks. I take care of your skin to minimize irritation and bumpiness.

Waxing Treatments

I use the highest quality wax, infused with soothing botanicals, so it’s gentle on both you and your skin.

Face & Eyebrow Waxing


$20 (15 Minutes)


$15 (15 Minutes)


$15 (15 Minutes)


$15 (15 Minutes)

Full Face

$50 (30 Minutes)

Body Waxing


$25 (15 Minutes)


$40 (30 Minutes)

Back & Chest

$60 (30 Minutes)

Leg & Bikini Waxing


$35 (15 Minutes)

Half Leg

$35 (15 Minutes)

Upper Thigh

$55 (30 Minutes)

Full Leg

$65 (45 Minutes)

Full Leg & Bikini

$95 (60 Minutes)

Eyebrow & Lash Tinting

If your eyebrows have faded with age, or your eyelashes are naturally light, eyebrow and lash tinting is a great way to define and enhance your eyes. I only use gentle products, and the color typically lasts about four weeks.

Brow Tint

$19 (15 Minutes)

Lash Tint

$25 (15 Minutes)