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Yon-Ka Phyto 52


This multi-functioning firming cream is a fast-absorbing night cream that has a powerful rosemary base.  Phyto 52 from Yon-Ka restores firmness and oxygenates to tone the skin and invigorate the complexion.


Yon-Ka Phyto 52 is an exquisite, velvety smooth night cream that moisturizes, tightens, and refreshes skin.

  • Beech bud botanical enzymes help clarify the complexion, while a blend of vitamin E, hazelnut oil, and aloe soothe and hydrate skin
  • Rosemary oil is a natural antiseptic that tightens the look of pores and helps to sculpt facial contours
  • Infused with our proprietary Yon-ka Quintessence which is composed of five essential oils for multiple healing benefits
  • Pair with Yon-ka Booster Lift + for an intensive, aromatherapeutic skin-firming benefit that promotes healthy skin tone
  • Apply the cream to the face and neck after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka


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