You deserve to feel beautiful

“I think it's about time that I thank you for all the years of the wonderful Yon-Ka facials and the Age Defying Micro-Current Facials. WOW. Can it really be 20 years already? I LOVE coming in to see you once a month and of course how wonderful I look and feel after.

I see the lessening of my fine lines, plumping of my skin and definitely the glow. I look in the mirror and see a radiant face. I love hearing my clients' disbelief when I tell them I'm 55 years old. Whoo Hooo!!!! Thank You for keeping me looking my best.

Love you,

- Rita Woodfin”

Hi, I'm Dalini

I'm an esthetician, teacher, and skin care expert dedicated to helping you have the complexion you've always wanted, so you can look and feel beautiful - inside and out!!

I use Yon-Ka natural skin care products - a French brand that's paraben free. Yon-Ka essential oils and creams ignite the senses and address the specific needs of every individual, whether it’s loss of tone, lines, acne, sun damage or dark spots. I also use Babor, a German botanical brand grounded in sustainability and precision skincare. Babor uses raw materials sourced from organic farming methods and uses a minimum of 85% plant extracts in each product.